Dear Friends on Fifth Avenue

Here's a wonderful reference to the Tailored Woman store from the August 15, 1936 issue of The New Yorker magazine:

We remember trying to write a letter to Hunter College & getting stuck because we couldn't think of the proper salutation. A friend of ours got into the same kind of a jam the other morning when he foolishly attempted to compose a letter to the Tailored Woman, Inc. "Dear Sir," didn't sound right, neither did "Gentlemen," "Dear Madam" had a fishy ring. "Mesdames" made him dizzy. He tried "Dear Tailored Woman," "Dear Incorporation," "Dear People," and "Friends on Fifth Avenue." All of a sudden the answer burst on him. "My Good Woman," he began. "May I bring to your attention..."

As for this good woman, I'm off to New York in the morning and will certainly be visiting some old friends on Fifth Avenue!


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