Helpful Hint from The New Yorker

I enjoy scouring The New Yorker's archives for references to the Tailored Woman store. I found this gem called "Helpful Hint" in the June 9, 1934 issue: 

Fifth Avenue buses may be used as mop wringers; the doorman for the Tailored Woman shop carries a dripping mop to the curb and puts it in front of the right rear wheel of the bus waiting for green light.


Unknown said…

I recently discovered that my grandmother used to work at The Tailored Woman. She recently left me a hat and hat box and I have been looking online for some more information about this store and what to do with this hat- hopefully find someone who will appreciate it. I'd love to be in more contact with you if possible.

Thank you,

Hi Alison,

I would love to hear about your grandmother.

I have a couple of hat boxes. Sometimes they turn up on eBay.

Anonymous said…

I inherited a wedding dress, matching veil and gloves that my Great Aunt bought from the Tailored Woman in New York, in the original box from the store, sometime in the 1940's I think (I'm trying to find documentation on when she got married). While I love the history of it I wouldn't ever wear it nor do I think I can keep it appropriately. Can you recommend a historical society, museum, collector, etc that I might be able to donate it to? I'd greatly appreciate your help.

Hi Jennifer,

I'll be in touch via my personal email address. Thanks for your comment!

Unknown said…
Today while on a beach in Florida. My husband found a spoon marked from Tailored Women Fifth Ave. We would love to find out more information on it. It’s very old.
How interesting! I didn't know that the store sold flatware.
Also, you just picked it up on the beach? What a great find!
Emily said…
Hey there! I recently inherited a Tailored Woman mink and wool coat. I’d love to know more information about it, could you be of any help? The rest of the internet seems to lack anything of substance, at least from what I’ve seen thus far. Would love to start an email correspondence if you’d be willing!

H Emily, I thought I had followed up but apologies if I did not. Please email me at

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