The Tailored Woman store, circa 1967

I received permission from the generous and talented Dave Hay to post this photo of the Tailored Woman store, taken as part of a series of photos of Midtown when Dave was newly-arrived in the city in 1967.  I love this shot of the corner of 57th and Fifth.  The building, which still houses Bergdorf Goodman, looks very much the same today.


Unknown said…
I purchased a vintage fur, mink or sable with a label that says The Tailored Woman, 5th Avenue, NY. I have a picture I can send of the coat and the label. I would love to know how old the coat is, and was the store known for quality furs. Please contact me.
James III said…
I am a WASP. Am I the only one who gets this stuff? I also grew up in Princeton AND Lake Forest where your Blair/Scribner relatives hail from. Why hasn't anyone posted a blog on here since 2010??
Hi James,

Always happy to meet a fellow Wasp; there are so few of us left out there!

I promise I have been posting in 2011, albeit not as often as I should. If you type in, that should take you to my latest post.

Thanks for reading.

Amanda Ahn said…
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Amanda Ahn said…
I too recently purchased a mink capelet with a Tailored Woman label and a monogram on the lining. It is just gorgeous and I am having it re-lined (preserving the label of course) and restored. I can't wait to wear it this winter! Your blog is a delight.
Hi, I need some advice. I inherited a beautiful mink jacket from my mother with the original label in it from "The Tailored Woman" with
2nd line: Fifth Avenue and Fifty-Seventh, NY

I had it refurbished about 10 years ago, but I would love to know its worth at this time. It is a beautiful style, full jacket with rolled cuff and shawn collar. I feel it looks like sable, but she called it her mink. Where can I find out more about this jacket? I live in Dallas, and never get a chance to wear it. I am considering selling it, but have no idea the value. Can you help me?
thanks, Elaine
Hi Elaine,

Thanks for much for visiting and leaving a comment. Your fur sounds lovely. I wish I could give you some advice but I am not an expert in furs, though I do know the Tailored Woman store had a reputation for quality. Is there a furrier locally who could give you an appraisal?

Good luck!

Anonymous said…
Dear Elizabeth,
I worked for Tailored Woman in the early 60's, I knew Mr.Denton. He was such a gentleman. I have a cute story about him. Would you care to hear it?
I would love to hear more, Dorothy! You can email me at


Unknown said…
I have a tailored women clip earings and necklace ( Eugene) burgandy in color and would like to know it's worth. Beautiful vintage style!
Hi Barbara,

Thanks for your comment. I'm afraid I'm not an expert in valuing any Tailored Woman items, but the jewelry sounds beautiful! Do you know what it is made of?


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